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Whether you need a standard documentation, tailored to your own organisations’ requirements or ongoing support from our team of Health & Safety consultants, we offer flexibility and excellence as standard.
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Fire Risk Assessments

If you are unsure what you need or have a specific project you need assistance with, we can help. From pre-qualification questionnaires to well-being implementations, our aim is always to make it clear and easy for you.
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Health and Safety training courses are available online or face-to-face either at your place of work or in one of our training centres. All courses are certified by 3Safety and can be adapted to your needs.
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Interior renovation

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Tiling and painting

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Solar systems

Electricity from sunlight

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Design and build

Develop unused spaces

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Small repairs

Affordable and reliable repairs

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Quality tiling and painting

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Why Choose 3Safety?


We offer clear and concise support specialising in sensible risk management and assisting companies with their actual needs, not providing generic policies and risk assessments.


All consultants and trainers have had over 10-years’ experience and we match the consultant to your industry so you don’t end up talking to a novice and explaining your processes!


Whether you need immediate support to overcome an issue or are concerned that you aren’t meeting legal requirements, we are able to help.


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3Safety prides itself on sensible health and safety solutions which are right for your business.

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