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Health and Safety training courses are available online or face-to-face either at your place of work or in one of our training centres. All courses are certified by 3Safety.


3Safety provides a suite of Health and Safety training courses for your business activities. You can find an a-z list below this page with an explanation of each.


We can deliver these courses live online, offline or face-to-face either at your place of work or in one of our training centres. All courses are certified by 3Safety.


For some business activities there is a requirement to build bespoke training courses which are happy to set up and deliver. All of these courses are still certified by 3Safety.

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  • Accident Investigation
Accident Investigation

The clue is in the title…… you hope it won’t happen but when it does you need to understand why and stop it happening again.

  • Asbestos Awareness
Asbestos Awareness

The Asbestos Regulations ACoP have set out what needs to be included in this training and then there is a requirement for annual refresher training. To be clear, you don’t need to repeat the training every year but you need to ensure your employees receive reminders.

  • CDM 2015
CDM 2015

Changes to requirements catch everyone out – let us help you stay on track!

  • Coping with Violence & Verbal Abuse
Coping with Violence & Verbal Abuse

Some jobs come with risk – that doesn’t mean it is acceptable or should be overlooked. Employees need assistance with coping strategies and managers need to ensure they know how they can offer this.


Everyone uses chemicals but if you don’t know how to assess hazardous substances or need to improve your general awareness then this is for you.

  • Directing Safely
Directing Safely

A short course aimed at professionals to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

  • Display Screen Equipment
Display Screen Equipment

Welcome to the digital world! There are two levels of training available:

  1. Employee awareness – their technique can be improved
  2. Assessor training – offer the right advice when needed
  • Effective Safety Committee Training
Effective Safety Committee Training

If you have safety committees are they effective? Tips and hints on how to improve, set-up and ensure you are getting the results from your committee that are right for your company.

  • Evacuation Chair Training
Evacuation Chair Training

If you have evacuation chairs to assist with disabled evacuation you will know they look like complicated pieces of equipment! Training is available on use and practice of these contraptions – this course includes a practical element.

  • Fire Awareness
Fire Awareness

Simple awareness training for general employees to increase awareness and reduce your fire risk.

  • Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher

This training is great fun, but not needed by everyone. It is vital for those who work in high risk areas (kitchens, hot works, etc) and includes extinguishing a fire.

  • Fire Marshal / Warden
Fire Marshal / Warden

It doesn’t matter what you call them, it means the same thing, someone who will assist during a fire. This training gives insight into the role, general fire awareness and key fire marshal techniques in crowd control and human behaviours to expect.

  • First Aid
First Aid

Not everyone needs a full first aider in the workplace, it will depend on your first aid risk assessment but you will need some training:

  1. Appointed person
  2. Full first aid at work
  3. Paediatric first aid
  4. First aid Re-qualification
  • Fundamentals of Health and Safety
Fundamentals of Health and Safety

A one day, all you need to know packaged so you can go back to work with a plan (or the confidence that you have everything in place!)

  • Food Safety – Level 2
Food Safety – Level 2

Compulsory for all of those who deal with food…..

  • Home Working
Home Working

Everyone is doing it – but are they doing it right? This will cover techniques, risk assessment and requirements.

  • Infection Control / COVID-19
Infection Control / COVID-19

Working directly with clients or members of the public can expose you to infection. Control is the best way forward!

  • Legionella Awareness
Legionella Awareness

Not everyone needs to know about Legionella but if you have water tanks (air con, cold water, cooling towers, etc) then you need to be aware!

  • Managing Contractors
Managing Contractors

They come in, they take over and they are your responsibility whilst they are on your site! Make sure you manage them, not the other way round!

  • Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling Training

Lift with the legs, keep your back straight! Easy really, but we still have a 1/2 day course for it.

  • NEBOSH Certificate Revision
NEBOSH Certificate Revision

Revision courses available either one-on-one or as part of a group:

  • general
  • fire
  • health and wellbeing
  • construction
  • NEBOSH Practical Revision
NEBOSH Practical Revision

Practical assistance where your tutor will go through every aspect required, the marking scheme and how to ensure you do enough to pass.

  • NEBOSH Diploma Revision
NEBOSH Diploma Revision

Daunting as it is, revision is a useful tool near your exam date.

  • Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Everyone has to do them, make sure you are getting it right

  • Safety Awareness
Safety Awareness

Safety awareness is just common sense, isn’t it?? Are you clear about your responsibilities? Great if you are, if not, get on the training!

  • Stress Management
Stress Management

Hot topic at the moment, manage it as much as possible with our pointers.

  • Work at Height
Work at Height

Anywhere you might be able to fall is classed as height – make sure you know what to do.

  • Working Safely
Working Safely

Behaviours can be changed and ensuring your assisting your employees to work safely is possible.


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